Helping lenders in emerging markets scale

Underwrite, manage, and finance loans all in one place

Financial institutions use our lending platform to collect and analyze data, make credit decisions, and provide detailed risk data to raise debt finance

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Pngme's lending platform

A scalable lending platform where financial institutions can underwrite, manage, and finance loans all in one place

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Score borrowers

Collect your borrower’s non-traditonal financial and digital footprint data to create a 360 degree credit score

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Underwrite loans

Use our web-based lending platform and scoring engine to underwrite, issue, and track loans

Borrowers mobile app

Your borrowers use our mobile app to submit credit information, track their credit score, and repay their outstanding loans

Manage e-float

Due November 11

$400 USD

October 1stPaid

Our customers are

Financial institutions in emerging markets who want to start digital lending or want to digitize their manual lending processes

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Mobile money operators

We help mobile money operators use their existing data to score their agents and scale their business

Regional banks and microfinance institutions

We help regional banks and MFIs move manual underwriting and loan book management into a digital platform

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Enterprise platform for Fintechs

We white-label our lending platform for fintechs who serve other sectors in farming, healthcare, and education

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