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Case Study
How Fintechs are gaining a competitive edge with Pngme
Pngme provides real-time comprehensive financial profiles de-risking lending decisioning within days of integrating
2 years ago

Within days of integration, Pngme has provided a Nigerian fintech with a wide range of data points previously inaccessible to data/fintech incumbents and traditional credit bureaus. The volume of actionable, labeled data just 3 days post-integration into their mobile application showcases the power of Pngme’s user permissioned workflows: 

  • 6.875 Million SMS records

  • 6875 smartphone users

  • 1.875 Million records of debit/credit transactions 

  • 150,000 alert-worthy labeled events (late payment, default loan, insufficient fund alert)

Prior to receiving this data, lending decisions were made based on cash flow and single account information. The influx of data across multiple accounts provides visibility into higher fidelity cash flow calculation, as Pngme captures a larger breadth of depository account behavior.

The above figure illustrates the propensity of customers to have multiple accounts and the ability for Pngme to build a holistic financial data profile based on varying account and SMS data: Read more about connected accounts

With this influx of data, Fintechs and Pngme’s data science team are now able to segment customers and start testing loan decisioning. Across any integration, Pngme offers in-depth data science services, ensuring data is not just accessible but actionable. Over the course of the next few weeks, Pngme will be working to provide:

Alternative credit report (see our example Credit Report)

  • Generate credit reports on users

Custom insights generation (See our Insights Handbook)

  • Prioritize list of “insights”

  • Generate custom “insights” on users

Summary statistics & data comparison

  • Run summary statistics (distribution analysis)

    • Data completeness & validation

  • Compare outputs between different data sources

Customer segmentation

  • Deposits / savings profile

  • Loans / debt profile

Scorecard alignment & risk calibration

  • Based on credit report & insights output, collaborate on population of Summary Counts table (risk stratification)

    • Good, Bad, Indeterminate, Insufficient, Exclusion

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