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How to Query Pngme's API in 4 Minutes
Learn how to access Pngme's API and access data in 4 minutes
2 years ago

Watch as our Product Manager, Alyza demonstrates how to sign up for and test our API sandbox.

Pngme’s API has been built to deliver a multitude of user-permissioned data points for building innovative financial products and to create the opportunity for FIs to confidently engage new customer segments. The API is what can power your decision making process and give you actionable insights.

With our open API, you can:

  • Fetch data with a single, simple API call

  • Write queries with a simple object structure

  • Auto-generate API documentation

We collect user permissioned financial data from:

  • Banks (Bank Statements)

  • Mobile Money Operators (Mobile Money Transactions)

  • Digital Lenders (Digital Lending Transactions)

Our API products:

Our API offers the following products so FIs can gain a clear picture of their customers:

  • Identity - Verified identity information of a customer by their phone number

  • Connected Institutions - Connect multiple user accounts and USSD channels and gain a holistic view of a customer’s financial identity

  • Accounts - List of accounts across financial institutions for each customer

  • Loan Accounts - List of loan accounts across financial institutions for each customer

  • Balances - The latest balance across all accounts of each financial institution for each customer

  • Transactions - All transactions across all accounts from each financial institution of each customer

  • Alerts - Customer-specific alerts associated with each financial institution to which the customer is connected

Machine learning features:

Insights and alerts are also all viewable through our Customer Management Platform (CMP). 

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