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Pngme Dashboard 3.0
Welcome to The New Pngme Dashboard
Everything you need in one place to explore data, manage your account and start accessing financial data
2 years ago

We’re excited to introduce you to our new, comprehensive dashboard where you can effortlessly view sample data, access your SDK and API keys and manage your Pngme account. It’s now even simpler to access the financial data you need to build powerful consumer applications.

You can find the tools you need all in one place. Whether you’re accessing API and SDK keys, diving into developer documentation and building in our sandbox or you’re managing your customers and financial insights at scale, you can see and do everything you need all in the dashboard.


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Whether you’re a developer, a data scientist, or simply want to get a basic understanding of financial analytics and insights, you can use the Pngme Dashboard to:

1. Explore financial Insights in a sample user dashboard

2. View example financial profiles with alert summaries, connected accounts, and transaction history

4. Create your own company org for your application user data

5. Access SDK & API Keys

LEARN: Access all the developer documentation you need to start building




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